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Our Company has been engaged in the manufacturing industry for over 15 years.

We are an experience manufacturer and exporter specialized in production of novelty

and personalized stationery & gift items, Self-owned well-equipped plants mainly located

in Hong Kong and Heshan of Mainland China.

We commit to produce excellent quality products at competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

In order to facilitate a better exploration of market, Glen Stationery Company  is formed in 2002

to incorporate the sales and marketing force of various lines of products.

We carry great variety of own-design fun products such as stationery set, Youth Gifts and DIY products, etc.

We would also manufacture products according to the provided specification.

We have passion in product design and creative ideas in mind.

Our workshop and knowledge in stationery manufacturing will be able to developing your ideas into real products.



Contact: Jacky Chu Kit

Phone: +852 93688633

Tel: +852 37658014

Email: info@glen-stationery.net

Add: 1/F., CMA Building, 64-66 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

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